DSIV Music

About Me

Welcome to my creative hub! I am a passionate music producer, specializing in crafting innovative EDM tracks using Logic Pro X. With a catalog of over 300 copyrighted instrumental tracks, I offer high-quality music available for non-exclusive use, perfect for synchronization licensing in various media projects.

Music Production

My journey in music production is driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence. Utilizing the robust toolkit of Logic Pro X, I meticulously arrange, edit, and mix each track, integrating third-party plugins to create unique and captivating sounds. My extensive catalog spans various genres, ensuring a perfect fit for your project needs.

AI Integration

As a forward-thinking producer, I leverage AI technologies to enhance my creative output and streamline my workflow. From AI-driven music composition to marketing intelligence, I harness the power of AI to explore new genres, refine tracks, and identify marketing opportunities. This integration not only boosts my productivity but also ensures that my music resonates with a broader audience.


In addition to my music, I offer a range of exclusive merchandise, including t-shirts designed to reflect the essence of my brand. Each design is crafted with care, making them perfect for fans and supporters who want to carry a piece of my creative journey with them.


Stay updated with my latest insights and tips through my blog, where I share my experiences as a music producer and AI enthusiast. From production techniques to AI applications in music and marketing, my blog is a valuable resource for fellow producers and creatives looking to expand their knowledge.

Connect with Me

Explore my catalog, read my blog, and check out my merchandise to get a glimpse of my creative world. Whether you're looking for the perfect track for your project, interested in AI-driven music production, or want to support my journey through merchandise, there's something here for everyone.