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Express yourself, your way! 💃🎨🎭 

Take full control of how you express yourself online and carry it across the web. 🌐💻🔥

Mix that with Open Publishing and Payments, and what do you get? DSIV Music 🎵🔌💰🔓

Be part of a new music era!



🌟 1 Instrumental Track: Perfect for Music Artists and Content Creators that publish on Wavlake, Nostr, Nostr Nests, Fountain, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

🌟Publish your work on Wavlake, Nostr, Nostr Nests, Fountain, keep the Sats that you earn.

No Copyright Worries: Forget about legal hassles! DSIV Music owns the  instrumentals, so you can use them in your projects. Just reference ‘DSIV Music’. 

Join the journey of expressing yourself through music!

DISCLAIMER: If you post your work on Youtube and receive a Content ID Claim… DO NOT worry, this is NOT a copyright strike. The claim means that YouTube’s Content ID system has identified DSIV Music in your video and has placed a claim for monetization. This tells YouTube to place an advertisement on the video which then allows DSIV to collect ad revenue. If you want permission to use the music ad-free… let me know.

Last but not least… If you are interested in Exclusive Rights to an instrumental… Don’t hesitate to ask for more details.

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